Laura Beauparlant is an award-winning motivational speaker and expert on branding.

From the podium and by example, Laura challenges others to be doers, not just talkers.  With a presentation style that is poised, passionate and authentic, her goal is to fulfill her namesake:  Beauparlant (“beautifully spoken”).


Laura Beauparlant

Keynotes and Workshops

DESIGN YOUR LIFE (keynote or workshop)

Sharing her own journey and the choices she made along the way to design the life she wants, Laura inspires the audience to see the importance of choice and design in their own life. Starting with the foundation of understanding what makes them happy and what they want out of life, Laura explains how to build a business and life around those goals and most importantly, why that matters! We all know that stuff happens in life, but the important thing to remember is that your response to that stuff is what matters most.

“Laura was one of the highlights of our annual conference. She had over 50 women stop and think about their business in a new way and she was both professional and inspiring. Her talk was the perfect blend of informative and interactive. She left our attendees wanting more, which is the mark of a great speaker. We hope to have her back again for future Mamas & Co. events.” Lianne Kim and Emma Rohmann, Mamas & Co


Creative people tend to be really good at their chosen craft. Unfortunately, a lot of them start businesses thinking that because they have a skill or talent or an idea, that they can also run a business- and it’s just not that simple. Laura uses her experience starting and building a successful creative business over the last 12+ years to help other creative entrepreneurs learn from her mistakes and her triumphs so they can fast track their own success. After all, there are far more non-creative things that go into owning a creative business than most of us want to admit!


Do you know what your clients and employees actually think about your business? Do they talk about you behind your back with love and admiration or distain and ­­disgust? The reality is that you want a business where your clients are doing the selling for you, and your employees love coming to work and are invested in the success of the business. Laura outlines the importance of brand identity and brand alignment in the process of creating raving fans, and explains how you can leverage your brand so that the experiences of everyone who interacts with it turns them into your best sales people. 

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Laura Beauparlant Motivational SpeakerLaura Beauparlant Motivational Speaker

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