3 Key Ingredients for Business Success




| “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

In my 15 years as an entrepreneur I’ve learned a few things about running a small business. And I’m still learning. In fact, I’ve probably learned more in the past 3 years than all the previous years combined.

I’ve been paying attention to why some entrepreneurs seem to be killing it and others are struggling – and I have noticed a pattern emerging.

Some are growing and scaling and having a huge impact, and others are considering just going back to getting a ‘real job’. Why is that?

Which side are you on? Or are you feeling somewhere in the middle?

What’s the secret to success?

. . .

The most successful entrepreneurs are Authentic, Consistent and Visible.

. . .

Let’s look at what this means for your small business.


Stop trying to conform to what your industry expects, or what you ‘think’ your clients want or expect of you. These are all stories you tell yourself. Following the status quo won’t help you stand out. It won’t allow you to be seen and heard in your crowded market place.

Being authentic lets you create a brand that deeply aligns with you. It create a brand that is effortless to BE. And it is a magnetic energy that will draw your dream clients to you.

The ones that get you.

The ones that connect with you.

The ones that will pay you what you deserve!

Think deeply about who you really are and why you started this business. You already know the answers, you just need to stop and listen.

. . .

Be your best authentic self and the right people will flock to your energy.

. . .


A lack of consistency is one of the the BIGGEST mistakes I see small businesses make and the easiest to fix.

When your look varies across platforms – from your website to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – or when you’re constantly changing your logo, fonts, colours, website, and so on, you muddle up your message. And your existing and potential clients are left confused.

Take a critical look at the image you are projecting.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are my clients instantly able to recognize my business wherever they find me?
  2. Is the personality of my brand reflected in my messaging?
  3. Is my visual brand consistant? ie. photographs, fonts, colours, logo.

If not, what can you do to make your brand more consistent?

. . .

Inconsistency of any kind weakens the brand you’re trying to make recognizable.

. . .


You could have the BEST brand in the world –  powerful, unique, compelling, stunning – but if you aren’t out there being seen, it won’t matter.


Because people won’t know you exist so they won’t think of you when they need what you offer.

You need to get in-front of the people you want to work with. You need to be blogging, posting to social media (with great content), speaking, starting a podcast and the list goes on. It doesn’t mean you need to do all of them, but you need to chose something – and start.

That’s the key. Just start somewhere. If you never start, you’ll never build momentum.

And it won’t be perfect. There will be typos. There will be imperfect photos or videos. But it will be real. And it will be you.

And you know what it means? It means you are DOING IT! Not just talking about it.

. . .

Put yourself out to be seen and heard – even if it isn’t perfect.

. . .

One of two of these ingredients alone aren’t enough. It would be like baking a cake without eggs or sugar. You need all three (Authenticity, Consistency and Visibility) to get the chemistry right – the chemistry that feels right to you and attracts your dream clients.

If you are ready to start the conversation about creating an authentic, memorable brand for yourself – I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email to get the conversation started!



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