5 Key Ingredients for Authenticity

…and why it’s essential for business success
Laura Beauparlant - Lab Creative - Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Designer, Creative Director

People want to work with people they know, like and trust.

Have you heard that before?

Well it’s never been more true than it is today.

You need to create a heart to heart connection with the people you want to work with. When you can connect with them on an emotional level, you have a greater chance of creating that connection.

They will choose you because you are the ONLY choice for them.

To do this, you must be authentic.

Here are my 5 tips on how to be your best authentic self so you can attract your dream clients!

. . .

1. Dress on-brand. 

I asked Suzanne Colmer, from Your Shop Girl (my personal stylist) to share advice on how to dress on brand. This is what she had to say:

The key to dressing authentically is finding a style that you not only look good in, but feel great in too.

Think about what you would wear if you were going to be on live TV in an hour. How would people describe the style of that outfit?

Is it consistent with the description of your brand?

What about the colours? Are they bold? Or muted? Do they make people feel happy? Or calm? Or nothing at all?

Make sure you have a least one outfit
that feels like your superman cape.

You should be able to change in a phone booth and emerge feeling like you could confidently speak in front of a thousand people or run into a nemesis.

The key to an authentic wardrobe is really ensuring that you aren’t settling for any piece that doesn’t make you feel amazing.

Thanks for your amazing insights Suzanne!

. . .

2. Write and speak from the heart.

People want to hear from the REAL you. The perfectly imperfect you.

The one who makes mistakes and learns from them.

The one that falls down and gets back up again.

Show them your personality. If you’re funny, be funny. If you swear, then swear! If you’re a nerd, be a nerd! (you get the picture).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 16 years (this month!) and I’ve learned that people really want to hear about my journey and the things I’ve learned.

Once I started sharing my insights and opinions, I realized that people wanted to learn from my thought leadership not just see our beautiful design work. (Although that is still important – you can see our work here!)

Don’t be afraid to share your insights with your audience – strive to inspire them with your words.

Make a list of your areas of expertise, your strong opinions and the experiences you’ve had. Then start writing about these things on your blog and social media so your audience gets to know you – the real you.

Here are a few of my favourite posts I’ve written:
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. . .

3. Let people see your scars.

I’ve written and spoken about this a lot lately and I think it’s worth reiterating!

People need to see your scars.

They need to see you are human, and that your life isn’t perfect. It helps them relate better to you and build that deeper heart to heart connection.

If your life and business look like a slow motion train wreak or reality TV series – people might want to watch, but they won’t want to work with you. They won’t trust that you can do the work.

Alternatively, if you are too high up on a perfect pedestal, they won’t relate to you.

The beauty is that you get to choose the stories to tell and how to tell them.

You can read more about this on my last post Visibility and Vulnerability.

. . .

4. Be a leader not a follower.

It’s hard to be authentic if you are following the lead of others.

Far too often I see businesses trying to emulate their competition – from the colours and design to the language and photography.

How does that help either of you?

It’s time to forge your own path and break from convention.

Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way.

It is important to know who else is playing in your field so you can learn how to stand out. Blending in with your competition doesn’t get you noticed and remembered.

Have an opinion.

Have a style.

Be known for something.

Stand out and be different.

. . .

5. Know you aren’t for everyone.

And the final key ingredient is knowing you are not right for everyone.

You have to be okay with saying and hearing NO.

People unsubscribing or unfollowing.

And people disagreeing with you!

I’ll be honest, I still struggle with most of these.

If you’re a people pleaser you’ll dilute your brand and attract the wrong people.

On the other hand, if you’re an inspired leader, you’ll have a strong brand that attracts the right people!

Choose to be an inspired leader!

. . .

Is there anything you need to do differently to achieve these 5 things?

1. Dress on-brand.
2. Write and speak from the heart.
3. Let people see your scars.
4. Be a leader not a follower.
5. Know you aren’t for everyone.

Agree, disagree or have anything to add? I’d love to hear from you.


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