Our Formula for Success

Lab Creative is your catalyst in creating an overall brand vision that relays your message and informs what people think of you. Our unique brand science process allows us to get to know you, what you stand for, and why and how you do what you do. Our understanding of you and your business allows us to create a brand that truly represents you and attracts your target audience.


Lab Creative’s proven process starts with research. We begin by examining your target audience and market to ensure we understand their drivers and current habits. We then survey your competition to understand where you are now and where you ultimately can be as a brand in the market.


Lab Creative takes the research garnered in the first stage of our process through analysis. We create your unique Brand Science that identifies what makes you stand out from the market and isolates the key pieces of your brand benefits, personality and, ultimately, your brand positioning and essence. These findings provide a clear direction for your brand.


Lab Creative’s design phase is the heart of our process, where we combine the research and analysis we’ve garnered with our unparalleled design skills. Here we begin to explore brand concepts with you. Together, we ensure that the direction of the visual design of your brand is on target with your expectations. Our design process helps us reflect your story and appeal to your audience while being mindful of your market.


In the final phase of the Lab Creative process, we apply all of the findings of our previous phases and provide you with all the key brand elements required to take your business to the next level. Our knowledge and design process helps you not only stand out in your market, but also be noticed and remembered amidst all the visual noise in today’s image-heavy age.


Lab Creative provides our clients with thoughtful, targeted ongoing support that is tailored to your needs and your market. Whether you are looking for occasional follow-up phone calls and design work or you require more intensive support as you implement and execute your brand direction, we can meet your requirements with our various package offerings.