A Brand Camp Love Story.

Why My Own Husband Attended Brand Camp — and Loved It!

Like many great couples throughout the ages, my husband and I are each others greatest allies. We talk about personal and business growth, challenges, and successes and we support each other in everything we do. We have a lot in common, including the fact that we’re both passionate entrepreneurs — I run Lab Creative and he runs Beauparlant, an interior and architectural design firm.

There are some perks to having a husband in a complementary creative design career: he’s designed my tradeshow booths and home office, for example. I’ve also supported his firm by leading the way on his design and branding.

So, why did my husband, Philippe, attend a Lab Creative Brand Camp instead of having me just doing the design work for him? Keep reading!

Philippe’s interior design and architecture business has grown in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. He now leads a team of four talented designers in a very cool studio space in Riverside, Toronto. Lab Creative is fortunate enough to share this inspiring location. Together, with an increase in studio size, the project load needs to increase in line with the growth. The time is right for more projects, bigger projects, and a more diverse and exciting portfolio.

Check out a few images from some of their stunning projects below!

Kitchen design

We began the process of designing the Beauparlant brand together. We discussed the clients Philippe sought. He wanted more than just people with generous budgets, he wanted people as commitment to design as he was. We needed to dig deep. We needed to see his true vision for his design firm and I realized he needed the unique experience of brand discovery that only Lab Creative’s Brand Camp could bring!

By fully immersing himself in examining his brand, Philippe received constructive, valuable feedback not only from me, but also from the other brand-conscious participants. He was quickly able to zero in on the unique benefits, personality, position and brand essence of his business and gain a deep understanding of his own “why”.

One of the first goals at Brand Camp is to identify your business’s features and benefits. Many times people know just the obvious. They know what products and services they offer, but it doesn’t end there. A successful brand understands how their products and services benefit their clients. How do their products and services impact those around them. Ultimately your brand is about people, and understanding how people see and react to your brand is of the utmost importance.

Here’s what Philippe identified as the benefits the Beauparlant brand offers his clients:

Beauparlant Benefits

Examining your Brand Personality is one of the next stages of good brand design. It’s essentially a set of human characteristics you attribute to your brand. This list is key to designing the visual brand for your business.

Beauparlant’s Brand Personality is enthusiastic, detailed, and out of the ordinary:


Important also is a clear Brand Position. Look at this as a concise description of how you want your brand to be perceived in the minds of your customers. We have a secret formula for developing this — but you have to sign up for Brand Camp to learn what it is!

Here’s what Philippe concluded as his Brand Position:

Beauparlant Brand Position

The culmination of all of your efforts at Brand Camp is summarized in your Brand Essence. Some people describe this essence as a tagline, but it’s really much more than that — it’s the heart and soul of your brand. Beauparlant’s essence is modern and clear, just like its services: Design, tailored for life. It is the perfect statement for how Philippe and his team want to design. It captures the true spirit of the firm in an accessible way.

Since Brand Camp, our Lab Creative team has worked with Philippe to evolve the visual look of Beauparlant’s brand to be more in line with the Brand Science he developed at Brand Camp. This was definitely an evolution, rather that a complete transformation.

Removing the word “design” from the company’s name was step one of the process — the new customized uppercase font was designed to better reflect the contemporary, high-end nature of the business ( I love the subtly curve of the A’s and R). The design of the logo and branding is still black, but we’ve also created eight different versions of the text online with images from their projects that fill in the letters. It’s a simple, symbolic way to showcase how the firm tailors its designs for its clients.

Now Beauparlant’s brand is as comprehensive and tailored as the spaces and objects the company designs. Philippe and I couldn’t be happier, as husband and wife and as entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level… If you feel like your business vision doesn’t align with your brand… If the clients you are attracting don’t bring you closer to your goals… Brand Camp is for you. Click here to learn more about our next start date.

To see the full project for Beauparlant click here.

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