A Brand Camp Success Story.

We created the branding for Vibrant Workplace Strategies 7 years ago and last year the owner was ready for a change and fresh perspective on her business and its direction. She attended Brand Camp last fall and over the 2 days at this in person workshop, she gain valuable insight and clarity on her direction. Here’s what she had to say about attending.

“Brand Camp broke the concepts of Branding down into manageable chunks, making it easy for an inexperienced person like me to understand and implement in my own business.  Attending Brand Camp helped me refine my thinking and gave me much more confidence when considering a re-brand, and naturally I wanted to work with Lab Creative when I was ready to take action on what I took away from my Brand Camp experience.”

Melanie Hill, Vibrant Work

One thing that was discussed was that the name was too long and complicated, so it was shortened to Vibrant Work – a way more engaging and meaningful name. The old logo wasn’t bad but it was time to evolve the design and colour scheme to better reflect the personality, position and essence of Melanie and her brand.


The new logo has a both a friendlier font and icon. We kept the two original colours from the logo but added four more to reflect not only the name but the wide variety of people they serve and ultimately their brand essence Powered by people.

Vibrant Work business cards

The new business cards carry through the new look and feel with 5 different versions of the back with colours from the logo. Melanie can be proud to hand these stunning cards out to existing and potential clients.

The previous website was about as basic as they come and was intended to be a temporary solution that ended up being used for years. It had no vibrancy to it and the content was sparse and outdated. Vibrant Work websiteThe new website integrates the colours from the logo, gorgeous photographs and content that speaks directly to their target audience by expressing their brand benefits rather than just their features.

Are you ready for this kind of clarity on your business? What’s holding you back? Get in touch with us today.

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