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Creative business branding is something that we love at Lab Creative. It gives us the opportunity to push ourselves and create something amazing. So when Leanne Kelly – a participant in our very first Brand Camp this past June – signed up to have us create her new brand including logo, business cards, brand guidelines and squarespace, we were thrilled! As a creative person, Leanne has the skills to do this herself, but realised she was too close to her business and needed an outsider to bring a different perspective.

Leanne had already started creating a pinterest board for inspiration, so we had a great sense of the lettering style and aesthetic she wanted to achieve. A custom, hand lettered font was created for her logo and shades of blue decided for the colour palette.

mood boardLeanne Kelly Logobrush stroke patterns

The idea of the brush strokes using different mediums was a perfect way to express the breadth of work that Leanne does. She’s no “one trick pony”.  Her official title is Art Direction – Retail & Event Design – but that doesn’t even begin to describe the work that Leanne does. At Brand Camp we were able to express her essence as UNIQUELY REFINED ARTISTIC EXPERIENCES. No matter what Leanne does – whether it’s event design, art direction, packaging or product design – it is always unique, refined, artistic and an experience.

We designed 3 different versions of her business cards using the different backgrounds created with spray paint, watercolour and marker.

business card design

Leanne loves getting her hands dirty and can often be found with paint under her nails or up a ladder doing an installation. Every project is different so we decided that her website should showcase a variety of projects and feature the challenges and highlights of each one. The website will grow overtime as she adds new projects.

mobile responsive website

We are extremely proud of the work we created for Leanne Kelly. Take a look at her website to learn more.

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