Does your brand match your business direction?

Before undertaking a rebrand, you first must get clear on the direction you want for your business.

Do you know how big you want to grow, what kinds of clients you want to serve and the place you want to stake in your industry?

During the branding process we go through with our clients, sometimes they realise that more needs to change than they thought initially. This was the case with Health Over All, a naturopathic clinic in Niagara, Ontario.

Originally, the idea was not to change the logo, but just update the messaging, website and marketing materials. But the more work we did on getting clear on the brand, the more we realized that the bamboo in their logo didn’t reflect the personality, position and essence of the brand.

Take a look at what we developed:

Brand Personality

To create a community of fulfilled, radiant women and a healthier world.

Brand Position
We are wellness warriors for women. Stopping at nothing until the root of your concerns is identified and resolved; until we have curated the perfect, personalized health plan for you.

Brand Essence
Wellness Warriors

Take a look at their old logo below. The rough bamboo just didn’t fit the strength of “Wellness Warrior”. It reflected a gentle, zen essence. So, Jordin Wiggins, the owner of Health Over All, took leap and decided the logo needed to be redesigned.

Health Over All Website before and After

We loved creating the new colour palette – The turquoise was great, but needed a strong, feminine touch. We started with the mood board and quickly determined that pink was the way to go; from a soft pale pink to a deep strong magenta.

The new logo has an H icon that connects 2 graphic leaves and the gradient give it fluidity. It is elegant, strong, feminine and approachable and speaks to the “personalized health plan” they create for their patients.
Health Over All Moodboard and Logo


Once the new logo and colour palette were developed, we moved on to their marketing materials and website. Check out the before and after of the website below.

Health Over All Website before and After


Your logo is not your brand, but it is an important element to get right. And now Health Overall has a brand foundation and design that they believe in and can truly own.

To see the full scope of work we did for Health Over All, check out their featured project here.

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