Fitlips Branding and Packaging

Several years ago after meeting at a networking event, Fernanda Lazzaro hired us to design the branding and packaging design for Fitlips, an all natural lip balm. The logo needed to express Fernanda’s commitment to creating a product that was made using natural ingredients and eco friendly packaging design – so the lips graphic created for the logo is also the shape of a leaf.

Since we first started working together, Fitlips has expanded to offer lip balm in paper tubes as well as scrubs and lipsticks. We have created all of their packaging and promotional materials.

“Laura is an expert in her field. She created the FITLIPS branding from just a few words, “I would like simple, pink lips that represent ecofriendliness…” She created a logo that that I am very proud to present as part of my branding for my eco-friendly, natural lipcare line. Lips, that are also shaped like a leaf. So simple, yet impactful. Thank you, Laura!”

Fernanda Lazzaro

Fillips Packaging design

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