From Burnt Out To Fired Up

It’s never too late for a Brand Update.

I first met Dr. Lisa Watson several years ago when she became my naturopath at Oma Chiropractic. She is amazing at what she does and I love her approach to my healthcare. (She also happens to have been voted Now Magazine’s Readers Choice – 2017 Best Doctor.)

After 10 years in business, Dr Lisa felt like she needed to update her brand, fine-tune her message and create a more dynamic visual image for herself.

I was very excited when Lisa participated in the very first online session of Brand Camp last spring and we are both thrilled with the outcome. She watched the videos, did the worksheets and showed up for our weekly calls and over the course of the 5 weeks got crystal clear on her essence. Dr. Lisa Watson Naturopath logo and moodboard design

Her old logo and branding was generic and didn’t reflect her personality or her unique style of care.
Dr. Lisa Watson, ND LogoLisa is not your typical Naturopath. She’s bold, dynamic, authentic and inspiring. Plus, as she puts it, “I’m a smart ass lady who gives a f*uck” and her brand needed to reflect that.

The colour palette and idea of the phoenix came from her essence – From burnt out to fired up. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and regeneration – a perfect icon to represent how Lisa helps her patients. You can see her full rebrand on our portfolio here.

Her new brand is far from generic and unremarkable. She has risen from the ashes of her old brand and is ready to own her new position to get women fired up to make a change so they can live their fullest life.

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