Have An Opinion

And don’t be afraid to share it.

Laura Beauparlant speaking

I actually have quite strong opinions.

But I’m also not a boat rocker.

I’m a “try to make everyone happy” kind of person and I avoid conflict like the plague in both my personal and professional life.

But what I’ve realized, in business anyway, is that people really want to hear my opinion.

My opinion – based on years of experience as a designer, entrepreneur and branding expert – is actually what people pay me for. (And our design work is a product of that well honed viewpoint.)

If I didn’t have an opinion, if I didn’t let my voice be heard and just designed what my client said they wanted, my business would flounder and probably fail.

That’s not to say I don’t design what they want, I do. The beauty is that I design what they didn’t know they needed. Profound right?

By listening first, then sharing my thoughts and providing design and branding guidance, my business is flourishing and so are my clients.

So have an opinion! Live it, breath is, believe it and share it.

Just try to be as kind as you can when sharing it and know that you can’t make everyone agree with you.

Interested in my opinion on your brand? I’m booking the first 10 people who reach out for a brand audit! Send me an email to laura@labcreative.ca if you are interested.

Laura Beauparlant

Photo by Heather Davidson-Meyn

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