How A Plane Trip Gave Me A New Perspective

Last Sunday I had an EPIC day! It had nothing to do with business or branding and yet, it somehow made me think about these things. Ahhh, the life of an entrepreneur!

Let me explain…

My dad is a pilot who built his own small single engine 4 seater airplane. Yes, you read that right…he built the plane and yes, I flew in it. He’s been flying for 33 years and I wouldn’t trust another pilot more than him.

On Sunday he took my husband, our oldest son and I on what can only be described as a flight of a lifetime. We flew to New York City and down the Hudson River at 1500 ft. We did a 360 around the Statue of Liberty then on our way home flew over Niagara Falls.

As I write these words, they don’t even being to describe the experience. I’ve been to New York many times, but in the city amongst all the buildings looking up. Being able to see it from a birds eye view and so close you could almost touch it, was beyond amazing.

So you might be wondering exactly how this relates to business. As an entrepreneur, I think a lot about my business, as I’m sure you do as well. During the flight I was completely focused on the experience, on enjoying the moment and taking it all in. But later, after we got home, it made me think about what having an outside perspective provides. Seeing the city from above looking down and seeing the big picture, is very different from being in the thick of the buildings, traffic and people.

And it’s no different from your business. We are often working so hard IN our businesses that we can’t be objective or even see what it looks like to others.

And we ALL need this, even me.

You might find this hard to believe but I actually hired someone to help me when I rebranded my business over a year ago. I needed them to ask me the questions I ask my clients and to provide an outside perspective on my business that I knew was important and that I couldn’t give. I also knew I was too close to my business to design my own logo. Which might sound crazy to you! Don’t get me wrong I still had a big part in how it looks but working with another professional designer took a weight off my shoulders.

Yesterday I was on call with my Summer School Brand Camp group  and realized that the perspective I offer my clients on their business brings huge value (and something I have undervalued in myself for years). I help them see what other people see and distill down all the thoughts in their head. It gives them the confidence to focus on why they do what they do, and then share that message to the world. When you are able to do that, the right clients will be drawn to you.

So I guess I got a lot more out of that plane trip than just an amazing sightseeing tour. I gained a new perspective on life and my business.

If you need a new perspective on your current branding, I’d love to chat. Send me an email and we’ll set up a time.



2 thoughts on “How A Plane Trip Gave Me A New Perspective

  1. Rachel Di Martino

    What an amazing experience! I love New York and it looks like such a great view. Your Dad sounds awesome.

    This resonates with me a lot about having an outside or new perspective on the business and how that can help clarify and focus.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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