How does your brand make people feel?

Does you brand make people feel like they already know you, that they can trust you and that they can believe in your skills?

Does it invite your potential clients to reach out?

That’s exactly what Dr. Maria Papasodaro from Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic wanted to do. After a number of years raising her young children, she knew it was time to refocus on her business and get clear on her brand. She wanted to create something that was meaningful to her and her patients so she could build a thriving practice.

After seeing the work we did for several other Naturopath’s, Maria signed up for our spring session of Brand Camp. Then, over the summer we brought the brand foundation she created during the course to life with a new logo, website, business cards and so on.Natures Touch logo Before After

Now, as beautiful as this new logo is, there is a lot of work that takes beforehand in order to create a meaningful, memorable design.

Let me share a few elements that are needed.

The first step is understanding what the common thread is that links your ideal clients.

For Nature’s Touch all of their clients:

  • Are motivated to feel better.
  • Want answers and support that their medical doctors don’t provide them with.
  • Are invested in improving their health and that of their family.
  • Are looking for guidance in achieving their health goals
  • Want to know more and understand why their condition exists.

The brand personality includes words like inspiring, intuitive, balanced and focused, all of which inspired the colour palette, logo, photography and website.

We already know what Maria does, since it’s in the name, so her powerful brand position clearly focuses on how she wants her patients to feel. It creates intrigue and will make the right patients want to know more.

Creating healthy, motivated and empowered patients throughout their health journey.

Her brand essence is Empower your health. And her new brand captures it beautifully.
Nature's Touch Naturopathic Clinic Website Before After

If your brand doesn’t make people feel something, if it doesn’t create a connection and make them feel like they know, like and trust you, it might be time to get clear on your brand messaging, then rebrand the visuals. Just like Dr. Maria Papasodaro.

Our next session of Brand Camp Starts October 24th. Interested in knowing more? Check it out here.



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