Is your brand lacking the essence of YOU?

Have I told you how much I love our clients?

We really do get to work with THE best, most fun and interesting people.

And working with Catherine Kerr of Kerrageous was no different. She is a firecracker of a woman. Big hair, big smile, big voice and an even bigger heart!

Catherine came to us with an identity crisis.

She’s an amazing keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and performance trainer – however, her brand was missing the mark. While she was portraying a powerful image with the lion head and boxing images (see below), it was lacking in personality and authenticity. It was lacking the essence of Catherine!

Before designing anything, we started with our signature Brand Camp method to dig deep and get to know Catherine so that we could create the most impactful visual representation of her.

You might be thinking that there was nothing wrong with her old logo, and in some ways you are right. It’s not a bad logo. There are lots of logos out there that aren’t bad….but that doesn’t mean they are right or meaningful.

The new logo captures the many layers of Catherine through a bold font, 4 different intertwined patterns, movement and colours.

Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that your logo is only one aspect.

The messaging, the colours, the design, the photography – it all works together to create one cohesive masterpiece that evokes the essence of Catherine and her business.

Every touch point her clients have with her is now consistent, authentic and truly unique. She may not be for everyone, but she’ll be right for the right clients.Catherine Kerr Boxing


Photography was KEY in this process. Before, she was using mostly stock images on her website and a couple of photos of her, that while fun, didn’t show her value or fit her target audience. We worked with Heather of Fun Love Photography to capture Catherine and the experience of working with her – and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the images!

Every single one of them is absolutely perfect in the feelings they evoke.

Catherine Kerr - Keynote speaker, performance trainer

“From the moment I met Laura and her team, I was impressed with their commitment to truly understand me and what was important to me so that we could discover the best branding look, colours, words, etc. The process was professional yet very personal. It was also highly engaging and insightful. What Laura and Maria landed on was so far beyond what I could have hoped for. They captured the very essence of my brand and elevated my company to a whole other level.” – Catherine Kerr, Kerragous

The final piece was the website. We worked with Janet Nielsen to craft the copy on the site to make sure the messaging was bang on and fit with the design and photography.

Check out her website to see all the amazing images and learn more about this Kerragous woman!

Is your brand missing the mark? Is it lacking the essence of you and blending in with the crowd?

Do you want to scale your business and attract more of the right clients – the ones who will pay you what you deserve?

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