Laura Beauparlant On Designing Your Life

Laura Beauparlant - Design Your Life

In October, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of about 50 mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs) at an event hosted by Mamas & Co. Rather than speaking about design and branding, I had the opportunity to talk about designing your life. It is still in its essence about design, just specifically about how to design your best life. Where you, your family and business can thrive to be its happiest. Since the audience was all moms operating their own businesses, I tailored the event specifically to them. My main goal was to help this group of amazing moms connect to what is important to them, and to actively build their businesses and lives around these key values and aspirations.

Laura Beauparlant - Business Baby

I guided them through the process of identifying the stage of development of each of their businesses, followed by discussing how to deal with self imposed expectations – both business and personal – and last but not least, to recognize what makes them happy.

This particular event took the shape of a workshop with lots of interaction and actionable items for each woman to do in her workbook. We had a lot of information to cover in 90 short minutes, so I left them with homework to do, questions to answer and steps to take towards designing their life and their businesses in order to live their lives to the fullest.

My key message being that LIFE is a work in progress. I am not perfect, but then again, no one is. I wanted to engage the audience to appreciate that the most important thing to recognize is that living our best life is the most important thing that we can seek. We are all a work in progress, we make mistakes, but when we push forward, we set ourselves up for true success.

I can’t write this post without acknowledging Lynn Woodman, my speaking coach. We met about 8 years ago at a networking event and hit it off immediately. When I found out that she was a speaking coach, I knew that we had met for a reason. Just over 7 years ago, she helped me to develop a motivational speech for a competition about my story of surviving a head on collision with a drunk driver. Google my name…you’ll be amazing at what comes up!  Well, I won that speaking competition and Lynn was a huge part of that. She taught me what to do with my hands and body, how to breathe, project my voice, pause, speed up and slow down my speech. We’ve had the pleasure of working together over the years on her branding and my speaking and I was happy to be able to work with her again in preparation for MamaCon. I believe that everyone who speaks can benefit from a coach like Lynn.

Laura Beauparlant - Keynote speaker

“Laura was one of the highlights of our annual conference. She had over 50 women stop and think about their business in a new way and she was both professional and inspiring. Her talk was the perfect blend of informative and interactive. She left our attendees wanting more, which is the mark of a great speaker. We hope to have her back again for future Mamas & Co. events.” Lianne Kim and Emma Rohmann, Mamas & Co

I joined Mamas & Co earlier this year and have met a great group of supportive, collaborative and energetic women who are each forging their own path. I would definitely recommend joining this amazing collective to any mom who is starting a new business or already has one that they are interested in building.

Laura Beauparlant - keynote speaker

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