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I met Nichol a few months ago when she approached me after I spoke at the Canadian Special Events Expo in Toronto, Ontario. At that time, Nichol didn’t have her own business, let alone a name or brand. She then decided it was the time to take the plunge and start her own Event Planning company! Nichol signed up for our very first online session of Brand Camp in April.

Brand Camp was a transformative and inspirational event for her personally and for her business. She was able to clearly see her business direction, target audience, why, brand position and essence, and we helped her to come up with the perfect name that expresses it all.

Moodboard and logo

Here is what Nichol had to say about her Brand Camp experience.

“The course is set up as self directed, work at your own pace, which is perfect to integrate into a busy life. Laura’s video’s were very informative and provided all the information necessary to figure out my brand. It’s also the process or the progressive steps of the course which makes the brand become so clear.”

Before the course was even finished, Nichol knew she wanted to continue working together. She quickly signed up for our Starter Visual Branding Package – available to all participants of Brand Camp! Her project was completed in a three-week period and we all couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. The package included logo design, business cards, brand guidelines and a Squarespace website.

brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines including colours, fonts and logo usage.

The thought behind the “Nickel Concepts” name is twofold. The first being a bit of a play on words, since so many people misspell the name Nichol as Nickel anyway. The second is that a big part of her brand position is ROI (return on investment) for her clients. The money reference came up repeatedly throughout the course and it was natural to make it a part of her story. We didn’t want to overdo it, but we’ve woven it cleverly throughout her branding. Also choosing the word Concepts rather than Events was a way to stand out in her industry.

One of our objectives in Module 2 of Brand Camp is to create a list of the Features and Benefits your business provides. It’s much harder than you think to switch your thinking around to the prospective of your clients! Once you do just that, you’ll be able to connect with people in a new and more meaningful way. For Nichol, we focused the copy on her website around the benefits her clients get from working with her.

A big part of the design process is understanding our clients’ Brand Personality, which we cover in Module 3 of Brand Camp. It’s amazing how a group of 7-10 words can influence our design – from the colours, to the typography and photography.

Here are Nichol’s Brand Personality traits:

Collaborative, Innovative, Dedicated, Detail oriented, Forward thinking, Engaging, Genuine, Energetic 

Nickel Concepts Business Cards

Simple and impactful business cards for Nickel Concepts

I should mention that while each participant works individually to complete the course – they are able to participate in a weekly collaboration call to receive guidance, feedback and support from myself and the others. We are all so close to our businesses and having the perspective of others is invaluable!

Here is the Brand Position and Brand Essence that Nichol was able to develop in Module 4 and 5 of Brand Camp:

We collaborate with organizations to create innovative, effective and memorable event concepts while providing a bespoke event management experience focused on achieving and exceeding expectations.

Change Your Event Experience.

So, what do you think? Did we capture her business?

Nickel Concepts Logo

Fully responsive website design, including photography selection and copywriting.

Check out the Nickel Concepts Website

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