Oma Chiropractic Website Rebranding

I have been a patient of Oma Chiropractic for around 10 years and over the years I’ve worked on a variety of design projects for them. More recently we undertook the larger project of a redesign of the logo and website! The name was changing from just Oma Chiropractic to Oma Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. They wanted to keep the large O that has been part of the logo since they opened, but the fonts were in need of an update to something friendlier and including the new name.

Once this was complete, we began to tackle signage, business cards and the website. Dr. Adrienne and I met and planned and strategized the website on several occasions to figure out what to keep ro the old site, what to add and what to improve. It too several months to come to fruition, but I am thrilled with the results. The website is now fully responsive and works well on a desktop monitor, tablet and smart phone. Having their contact info at the top was a priority as well as a button for people to book appointments online on each page. One page we are particularly happy with is the events page, with a new and improved Calendar of upcoming events.

It was such a pleasure working with Dr. Adrienne on this project. Here is a fantastic email she sent me with her thoughts on working together!

“Working with Laura is a dream!  I have worked with her for years with rebranding our logo, designing our brochures, business & holiday cards and most recently working with her to update our website.  This seemed like such overwhelming job to a business owner and she broke the planning into manageable steps.  She placed her beautiful layouts into place so seamlessly that it didn’t feel like work.  She exceeded my expectations by making small changes based on her amazing attention to detail and our brands aesthetic personality that we hadn’t even discussed.  Laura is professional, easy to work with and she has great eye for what looks good!  The website, and frankly everything she designs for our business is inspiring and it makes me happy to look at!!”

Hope you like the site. I’d love your feedback as always.


OMA website before


Oma Chiropractic website redesign

The home page is welcoming and informative for new and current patients.

Oma Chiropractic website redesign

The events page was a huge improvement to what was on the old site.

Oma Chiropractic website redesign

I love the about the team page with the bios of each Practitioner.

Oma Chiropractic website responsive design
Mobile friendly websites are now an absolute necessity for all businesses.

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