Our Favourite Before And After Logo Designs

Nothing makes me happier than going back through our projects and seeing the difference we’ve made to our clients businesses. Helping them gain confidence and clarity around the essence of their brand and then expressing it through design (i.e. their logo, social media, website etc…).

As I’ve said many times before, your brand isn’t just about your logo….BUT, it is a very important element and getting it wrong can hurt your business more than you might think.

We don’t believe in a bandaid approach to branding and design. We believe in doing the deep, meaningful work that leads to a deep and meaningful brand.

Each and everyone of the brands I’m sharing below have an amazing entrepreneur behind them. One who did that deep work and now has a brand that authentically reflects who they are and who they serve.


. . .


I’ve known David Dunkley for years and I was thrilled when he finally asked us to redesign his logo. The double D’s always represented something else for me (as I think it would many people) and really didn’t speak to the quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness of his hats, fascinators and veils.

Now, with the ultimate headpiece (a crown) as part of his logo, paired with a refined and sophisticated font for his name, his brand better represents him and his very specific target audience.

 David Dunkley logo before and after

. . .


Catherine Kerr is an amazing keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and performance trainer – however, her brand was missing the mark.

While she was portraying a powerful image with the lion head (see below), it was lacking in personality and authenticity. It was lacking the essence of Catherine!

Check out the full story here.

Kerrageous logo before and after


. . .


The beautiful and custom hand-lettered new logo for Nature’s Touch has helped the business grow and thrive since it’s creation. As beautiful as this new logo is, there was a lot of work that takes beforehand in order to create something meaningful.

If you’d like to read more about this rebrand click here.

Natures Touch logo Before After


. . .


We’ve worked with Heather from Fun Love Photography with MANY of our clients and were thrilled when she chose to work with us on her rebrand.

We knew from the get-go that she wanted a script for the business name and that it needed to be more classy and refined that her old logo. It needed to fit her, her value and her audience.

If you’d like to read more about the rebrand for Fun Love Photography click here.

Fun Love Photography logo Before and After

. . .


During Brand Camp, Maureen Coates realized that she needed to not just create a brand foundation and have a new logo and website, but that she also needed a new business name.

She also got crystal clear on why she does what she does and who she serves. And now she has a brand that reflects that beautifully!

Interested in learning more about the rebrand for Luxury Transitions? click here.

Modecor - Luxury Transitions Before and After


. . .


For The Good Partnership we wanted to keep the circle shape from the old logo, but create something that fit the brand foundation we developed together during Brand Camp.

We created an icon incorporating the world, a heart and an eye, which is representative of everything they are and believe in.

Check out the full story on the rebrand for The Good Partnership here.

The Good partnership logo before and after

. . .


After 10 years in business, Dr. Lisa Watson felt like she needed to update her brand, fine-tune her message and create a more dynamic visual image for herself.

In a predominantly green industry, Dr. Watson stands out in a big way with her fiery red phoenix and hand-lettered name.

If you’d like to read more about this rebrand click here.

Dr Lisa Watson Before and after logo



. . .


When we first started working with The Idea Hunter years ago, they had their colourful brand with the suitcase in place, so we worked with that. Since then, the business has grown and changed and the brand no longer fit their industry and target audience.

A couple of years ago we were asked to redesigned everything from the ground up. The new logo and branding is sophisticate yet edgy and fits this fast growing business and their clientele beautifully!

The Idea Hunter logo before and after

. . .

What does your logo say about you and your company? Does it speak to your target audience? If not, maybe you’re in need of a brand makeover!

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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