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Awesome At Being Awesome

There’s a definite line between professional and boring. Danny Pehar’s former public speaking website, Pehar Consulting, was over-the-top corporate and really didn’t reflect how “awesome” he really was. All of his personality was left behind on a completely separate blog for his book. His social media handles were linked to this name as well, so corporate clients couldn’t even find him.

It was definitely time for not just a new website, but also a new perspective overall. Lab Creative helped this speaker, trainer, author and comedian to create a clear Brand Science that brought clarity to his whole business.

Renaming his business, and creating a brand (including logo, photo shoot, business card, social media graphics and brand guidelines) that reflects his personality and brand essence were required. Revamping and consolidating his online presence into one website made it easy for Danny to be “Awesome at being Awesome!” and works beautifully for his corporate clients too!

An awesome project in so many ways.