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Leanne Kelly

No matter what Leanne Kelly does – whether it’s event design, art direction, packaging or product design – it is always unique, refined, artistic and an experience.

Lab Creative wanted to ensure Leanne’s passionate, beautiful eye for detail was reflected in her brand design. Like many creative clients, she participated in one of our inspiring Brand Camp sessions and came away with a clear mission to deliver “uniquely refined artistic experiences.” At Lab Creative, we knew her brand needed to deliver on the same guiding principle.

Her new gallery-worthy brand design, logo, website and marketing materials embrace the diverse hands-on philosophy she lives and works by. In the visual elements of her brand, we exhibit a range of artistic mediums in shades of sophisticated blue, a hand-lettered logo and  watercolour, spray paint and marker patterns. The contemporary beauty of her brand expresses her style naturally and creatively and inspires her clients to share her vision through her production, planning and installation services.