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Lemonade Life

We first worked with Alicia Robertson to create the brand for Lemonade Life several years ago. In 2019 she decided to focus her life coaching business to support women who are going through a divorce – after having gone through one herself.

The brand foundation needed an update to reflect these changes, so we worked together again through our Brand Camp process to develop new, powerful language and the name of her online program ‘unwife’.

Take a look below at elements of the foundation we created together and above for the visual expression of the brand.

Be deliberate and thrive through divorce.

Helping women be deliberate and thrive through divorce with grit and grace.

Helping women to honour themselves and experience the positive side of divorce while transitioning from partnership to single life.

Authentic | Wise | Intuitive | Energetic | Bold | Confident | Visionary | Logical | Heart centered