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Celine Williams, the founder of Revisionary, needed a new brand that more deeply aligned with her, the work she does and the clients she serves. A brand that was more reflective of what makes her different.

The design for her logo marries her intellect with her intuition and the fluidity between the two. The font was custom designed and the colour palette beautifully reflects her personality.

And it all perfectly fits Celine and the work she does and how she helps people. Her logo deeply aligns with her, because we did the deep work first.

Take a look below at the foundation we created together through Brand Camp and above for the visual expression of the brand.

Shift your perspective

I empower leaders and entrepreneurs to show up as the best version of themselves wholly and consistently and enable them to make the same space in the world for others.

Brave | Curious | Centered | Empathetic | Deep thinker | Quirky | Authentic | Engaging | Visionary | Intuitive | Loyal