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The Good Partnership

Cindy Wagman, the founder of The Good Partnership, decided she needed a bolder brand that was more reflective what they do, how they are different and resonate with their clients. She got her whole team involved in going through Brand Camp in order to make sure that everyone was a part of the process and believed in the end result.

Take a look below at the foundation she created and above for the visual expression of the brand.

Fundraising evolution. Empowering change.

We help small nonprofits flourish by supporting their fundraising so they can focus on changing the world.

Bold | Authentic | Empathetic | Approachable | Fun | Insightful | Leader

Fundraising is our gift. We love it, not just for its transformative power to change the world, but because it feels really good to mobilize people for change.

Their clients are no longer struggling with their fundraising and have what it takes to change the world. They have the resources to do what they are passionate about and the time to focus on what they do best in order to mobilize around the things that matter.

Take a look at our before and after of the Good Partnership brand on the blog here

I didn’t realize what my brand was missing until I had it, thanks to Laura and her team at Lab Creative. As a small business, I had tried bootstrapping my brand, logo, etc. and it just never felt right. I was never proud of it. I invested in Brand Camp and having Lab Creative design our new brand and I couldn’t be happier!Cindy Wagman, Founder | The Good Partnership