Producers Group Rebranding

The principals of Producers Group were in search of a way to articulate their unique point of view, while refining their visual brand to appeal to their target market: high net worth individuals and families.

Coin, our brand strategy partner, facilitated a brand foundation with this especially atypical tagline: Same is good.™ As a deliberate challenge to the maxim that change is good, the tagline communicates the Producers Group’s core purpose: that in the face of a difficult life event, We do everything we can to keep your life the same.

Our designs – logo, website, letterhead, business card, envelopes and a folder – convey the Producers Group’s quiet confidence in their contrary position. The logo is simple and to the point, clean and without a graphic. To preserve brand equity, the existing colour scheme of orange and grey was kept, but its application reinvented into something more appealing to a high-end clientele.

Producers Group Stationery Design
Producers Group Website

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