Rebranding for Funny Motivational Speaker

A Successful Rebranding for Funny Motivational Speaker Susan Stewart

I met my client Susan Stewart in the strangest of places…we sweat together while working out at Yogathletix (also a client coincidentally) in our amazing neighbourhood – Leslieville!

What started the conversation about her website, was the need to make it mobile friendly and from there we got into more details in regards to her needs for the site. One of the first things Susan told me was that she was getting calls and email’s from people wanting to pay her a very low sum for speaking engagements, when in reality she was worth way more. My response was that her site made her look cheap – harsh I know – but she could take it!

Each of our meetings at my office took place after a class at Yogathletix where we would pick up a salad from Delica and work (and laugh) at my desk. We worked extremely well together and had a lot of fun in the process (how can you not when working with a comedian!)

I wanted the new site to focus more on her as a personality, as opposed to the Live Well, Laugh Lots brand she had created. We talked about a website with large, engaging photos of her to give potential clients a sense of who she is and also up her game so she can charge what she deserves. I brought in Anthony Patrick Manieri, a friend, colleague and amazing photographer who captured some stellar photos of Susan! I think my favourite is the one on the contact page – I mean, how could you not call her?!

Her new logo is her signature that I scanned and converted to a vector file to use across all her marketing materials including; business cards, e-brochure, proposals, Facebook, Twitter, and the website.

While working on the rebranding for Susan, I got to spend a lot of time with her and in many ways I’m quite sad the site is done and she doesn’t need me anymore…or does she?! At least we’ll still sweat together!

I am sponsoring her stand-up comedy gig at Hugh’s Room on Thursday September 10th at 8:30pm if anyone is interested in checking out her schtick …I’ll be there!

I have to also give a huge shout out to my developer Daveed Flexer, who does an amazing job in recreating my designs and is always great to work with!

Check out the before and after photos below and click on the images to see the actual site! It is now mobile friendly so looks great on your phone, tablet and desktop computer.


Susan Stewart Website Before
Susan Stewart Website Before


Susan Stewart Website

Check out her full site at – she’s amazing! 

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