Supporting the Work of Leaders

Cheryl Byrne is a former senior executive, CEO and board chair who has transitioned into a leadership consultant and executive coach.

Cheryl signed up for Brand Camp earlier this year – After 3 years in business – with the object of refining her brand messaging. And we are thrilled with the outcome of her hard work, especially her Brand Position and Essence below.

Brand Position
No matter what side of the boardroom table you are on I inspire you to find clarity of goals, enhance your leadership and build a team culture that will deliver success.

Brand Essence
Supporting the Work of Leaders.

Once the course was complete, we used the brand foundation she developed to guide us as we redesigned her visual brand.

The old logo (see below) was generic and not polished enough for Cheryl or her clientele. We stayed close to her existing colour palette as the colours fit the brand – there was no need for dramatic change. The font, on the other hand, needed an update.Cheryl Byrne Consulting logo before and after

In the design process we discovered a need to create a primary and secondary logo. One with the essence/tagline and one with the monogram.

The hand drawn monogram and colour gradation of Cheryl’s initials in the logo below shows she’s dynamic and creative in her approach. There is definitely nothing stodgy about this lady!
Cheryl Byrne Consulting logo variations

Cheryl’s old headshot wasn’t terrible. We’ve see WAY worse, however, it didn’t have enough personality to it.

We needed to get Cheryl out of a black jacket and off a stark white backdrop and to capture photos that felt approachable, professional and authentic. And thank’s to Heather of Fun Love Photography, we now have several fantastic photos.Cheryl Byrne Headshot before and after

Just like her old logo and headshot, Cheryl’s website needed life breathed into it. We worked together with Cheryl’s developer to provide design direction and incorporate her new, refined messaging, logo and photos.

Cheryl Byrne Consulting website before and after


Many of the entrepreneurs we work with are just like Cheryl Byrne. They’re been in business for a few years and have achieved some success, but with a brand that doesn’t quite fit the bill. They realize that in order to take their business to the next level, that they need to invest in getting the brand right.

Sound familiar? Want to learn how we can help you refine your brand messaging? Book a call.



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