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The Importance of Colour

pantone colours for your brand

Why choosing the right colours is essential for your brand. “I recently painted a room in my house the palest shade of blush pink. I call it The Happy Room. Why? Because the colour of the room just makes me happy!” – Laura Colour is an important element of life, and we are all deeply… Read the rest of the post…

Creating Your Ideal Brand Formula

Creating Your Idea Brand Formula

The word “brand” comes up often in business, yet there’s still quite a bit of confusion as to what a brand really is. Lab Creative has branding down to a science. Our method clarifies a very basic principle that is often misunderstood: Your brand is so much more than a logo. Your brand is all… Read the rest of the post…

Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Investing in Your Brand

Business Success rate quote

Mistake #1 in Our 5-Part Series I’ve been an entrepreneur for close to 13 years now. I can tell you from personal experience that starting a business is not for everyone — it can be stressful, it takes a lot of time, and it can be very expensive. That said, trying to save a few… Read the rest of the post…