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Visibility and Vulnerability

Laura Beauparlant - visibility and vulnerability and branding

How the right kind of vulnerability can help your business   Vulnerability is a HOT topic these days. And I see a lot of people crushing it and equally as many who being crushed by it. So how do you know which camp you are in? . . . If you are in the midst… Read the rest of the post…

What’s Your Vision for 2020?

Laura Beauparlant - Founder of Lab Creative Inc

December is always a time of reflection. It’s a time to see if I did what I set out to achieve this year. It reminds me of what I’ve accomplished… Things like launching my book, speaking on more than a dozen stages (both locally and internationally) and being interviewed on so many podcasts I lost… Read the rest of the post…

Does your title define you?

Laura Beauparlant - How do you define yourself?

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur, a business owner, a freelancer, a solopreneur, a mompreneur? Did you ever think that people might define how they see you by how you refer to yourself? Years ago, I remember telling someone about my business and when they found out I worked alone and from home, they said… Read the rest of the post…