The Best Way to Give This Holiday Season

I struggle with giving.

Not because I’m not generous.

I’m very generous with my time and energy, and with gift giving – when I find something perfect and meaningful for the person I’m buying for. (The Christmas gift for my husband this year fits the bill!)

However, I am NOT generous with giving when it’s an obligation.

There are so many occasions… Christmas, family birthdays, friend birthdays, your kids friends birthday, anniversaries….and the list goes on.

I’m not proud of it but I get stingy when I HAVE to buy someone something.

I also don’t have a lot of free time – and research is just not my jam – which is where Wonderkind comes in.

Wonderkind Custom stamp

. . .

I first met Shawna Pereria when I designed her wedding invitations about 10 years ago. We reconnected last year when our kids were both at the same school! #smallworld

We worked together on a school fundraiser with fellow mom, Tara Cochrane.

It was this project that brought Tara and Shawna together, and their new friendship forged into a beautiful business partnership and Wonderkind was born.

Wonderkind is a gift catering service that brings together traditional, unique and thoughtful gift-giving to the door.

They worked through Brand Camp first, as all of our clients do, which is where we developed their essence – Because Gifting Matters.

And their brand position – Creating a movement that nurtures curiosity, connects people and supports female entrepreneurs. One gift at a time.

Wonderkind Logo by Lab Creative


The design for their logo needed to be dynamic and memorable, and represent the quality and artistry of the products they curate.

Our fabulous designer Maria hand drew the details inside the letters and we love everything about this design!

Wonderkind icon and tagline by Lab Creative


We also created a monogram for them to use on social media and on their packaging. We love how their gorgeous wooden boxes look and the customer Wk is the finishing touch.

It’s memorable and remarkable!

Wonderkind wooden Gift Box Sizes

. . .

You don’t choose the gifts – they do!

Based on the answers to the quiz and the budget selected, the team at Wonderkind curates what goes in the box from their specially selected products from over one-hundred businesses across Canada.

So it’s a surprise!

Now doesn’t this take the pressure off?

The time.

The research.

The thought.

Gift giving doesn’t have to feel like an obligation. It can be wonderful and thoughtful…even if you didn’t pick it out yourself.


Because gifting matters!

. . .

We’ve got an instagram contest going on right now where you can win a Wonderkind box (valued at $125), along with a copy of my book Brand Chemistry.


Click here to enter.

. . .

Wonderkind Spreadwonderkind hashtags


Giving back is a big part of the Wonderkind brand and they donate 10% of their annual profits to three charities supporting communities.

Below are a couple of samples of what’s inside the box – although each one is unique!

Visit the website learn more about Wonderkind and how to order. 

Wonderkind sample gift boxWonderkind Sample gift box

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