The Importance of a Professional Headshot

And why it must be high quality, authentic and current.

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Does your headshot look like you? Does it express the essence of you authentically?

Many people I meet or work with don’t have a high quality, flattering or event current photograph of themself.

I’m not saying you need a new photo every year, but if you’ve lost or gained weight, changed your hair style significantly or entered a new career, you need a new photo.

I help my clients find the right photographer for the aesthetic they need and I take on the role of art director.

Before we schedule anything, we make a plan for the style and orientation of the photograph(s) we need.

. . .

There is great power in photography. Every business needs photography that represents the essence of who they are and who they want to work with.

. . .

A great headshot is not just for print materials or a website but also to use across all social media platforms where potential clients and employers will see you.

Keep in mind that your photo should be consistent across all media. (If you look at all of my social media you will notice that I have the same photo everywhere.)

Each of our clients dresses in a way that fits their brand and their personality.

However, the reality is that someone working in the financial industry is going to dress differently than someone in a creative industry, BUT you can still find a unique way to add in your personality into any outfit. Whether that be a button up suit or ripped jeans and t-shirt.

Below I’ll show you a few examples of clients who really nailed it with their photos!
(All images by Heather from Fun Love Photography)

Catherine Kerr headshot Joanne Trotta headshot Maureen Coates headshot Michael Hagely headshot

So take a look at your current headshot. Does it reflect your personality and your brand?

Do you look approachable and professional?

Do you think your headshot is sending the right message to your target audience?

If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure” book a call and to find the answer!

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