What is your brand missing?

You know your brand needs something, but you’re just not sure what it is.
The Good Partnership Logo and tagline

That was the case for Cindy, founder of The Good Partnership. She’d been bootstrapping her business since day 1 and hadn’t invested much in the brand development and design. It got her started, but she wasn’t particularity proud of it.

Now, 3 years after starting her business, Cindy was ready to invest in creating a brand that resonated with her, her team and her clients. Something bold and reflective of what they do and how they are different.

Cindy signed up for Brand Camp and went through the videos and worksheets with her team. She wanted to make sure that everyone was a part of the process and believed in the end result.

And I have to say, I am THRILLED with the work we did together!

From the bold Brand essence “Fundraising evolution. Empowering change.”, to their powerful brand position “We help small nonprofits flourish by supporting their fundraising so they can focus on changing the world.”, to their brand personality that drove the new logo and visual brand.The Good partnership logo before and after

We wanted to keep the circle shape from the old logo, but create something with more meaning. We created an icon incorporating the world, a heart and eye, which is representative of everything they are and believe in.

We paired that with a bold, approachable lowercase font for the name. (It needed to be bigger as the name was lost on the old one when scalled down.)

Now, take a look at the Brand Science created at Brand Camp. Understanding these elements is essential for all of our clients before working with us. I hope this shows you why.

Fundraising evolution. Empowering change.

We help small nonprofits flourish by supporting their fundraising so they can focus on changing the world.

Bold | Authentic | Empathetic | Approachable | Fun | Insightful | Leader

Fundraising is our gift. We love it, not just for its transformative power to change the world, but because it feels really good to mobilize people for change.

Their clients are no longer struggling with their fundraising and have what it takes to change the world. They have the resources to do what they are passionate about and the time to focus on what they do best in order to mobilize around the things that matter.

Does Cindy’s story resonate with you?

Is it time to find out what you are missing?

Below are a few other things we designed for The Good Partnership. (The website is still in progress)Brand Guidelines for The Good Partnership Business Cards for The Good Partnership


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