When Is Rebranding Your Business Necessary?

The Idea Hunter Rebranding

Back in 2013 The Idea Hunter hired us to redesign their website with branding that was already developed. We created a fun and easy to navigate website for them that worked with the bright and bubbly logo they had. Fast forward to earlier this year when we tackled redesigning the website to be responsive. After working on a few iterations of a new design, we realised that what wasn’t working was the logo and branding. The business had grown and developed in the past few years and the brand no longer fit their industry and target audience. So we went back to the drawing board and redesigned everything from the ground up – starting with the logo. Knowing they wanted a high fashion and sophisticated look for their event entertainment business we knew that black and white was the way to go. After spending some time researching high end fashion brands, we had a clear direction and nailed the new logo on the first try! It doesn’t always happen that way, but it’s always exciting when it does!

Idea Hunter Inspiration

The Idea Hunter logo

Once the new logo was finalized, we designed the new business cards and brand guidelines (outlining how to use and not use the logo, as well as colours and fonts to be used). We knew we wanted to do something really interested and dynamic with the design of the website and spend several months in the design stage to finalize the structure and look and feel. The site is responsive and very unique, which required some amazing coding by our development partner Daveed Flexer.  There were a few head scratching moments in development but together we worked through all of them and we couldn’t be prouder of the site.

The Idea hunter old website
The idea hunter rebrand
The idea hunter rebrand
I am often asked if business cards are still relevant and the answer is yes! It is still the first impression you give people when you meet them in person so don’t discount them. These business cards for The Idea Hunter definitely make a statement when given out to clients and potential clients.

The Idea Hunter Business Cards

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