Why Your Reputation IS Your Brand

Laura Beauparlant

Photo by Emily D Photography

If your brand is what people believe about you, then your reputation truly IS your brand.

It’s how you make people feel, the impression you leave them with and the trust you build.

I’ve understood this concept for years and through my book, speaking and Brand Camp, I share this very simple tip with every entrepreneur I meet.

Last week the long lasting truth of this came to light in a conversation I had with someone I had just met.

Let me give you some context.

I met Kim at an event in San Diego a couple of weeks ago and we totally hit it off. You know when you meet people and you just know they are “your kind of people” and you build a deep connection quickly?

So we decided to continue our conversation and set up a call for the following week.

The first thing she told me on that call was how great a reputation I had.

I was puzzled because we had just met – how did she know about my reputation?

Kim mentioned to a friend that we were to meet and this friend remembered me from years ago (2014 – I looked it up). Funny coincidence!

We met when she was working for a difficult client of mine. I have to be honest that I don’t remember much about this particular project but apparently, I handled myself with grace and left a positive impression. So much so that more than 5 years later, upon hearing my name, that memorable impression came back.

For Kim, whom I had just met, this meant I was someone she wanted to collaborate with because she already feels like she knows, likes and trusts me.

What kind of impression do you leave people with? Remember it only takes 7 seconds to leave an impression. Make it count.

So today, on international women’s day, I am going to do something bold.

I am going to celebrate me.

The accomplishments I’ve made personally and professionally, my integrity and the rock-solid reputation I have in everything I do. Cheers!

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