Do you work alone or with a team?

Lab Creative Laura Beauparlant
For years I worked by myself in my home office. It worked for a long time…until it didn’t.

​​I got lonely, bored and uninspired. Sound familiar?

I am an extrovert and need people around me. I need their positive energy (emphasis on the positive). I’ll be honest, it took me almost 40 years to realize the effect other people’s energy have on me, but better late than never I suppose!

​I also realised I was no longer satisfied working the way I had been for 11 years and I knew I was destined for bigger things.

So something (many things actually) had to change.  I wanted to grow my business, I wanted to do new things and I needed people around me to collaborate and brainstorm with. People who could help me grow as an entrepreneur, a designer and as a leader. 

Three years ago I moved into a gorgeous office – a perfect 15 minute walk from home – that I share with Beauparlant, my husband’s business, then I hired Maria over two years ago.

It’s hard to imagine Lab Creative without Maria – you may have even had the pleasure of working with her! We work hard, but we have fun and she brings some pretty mad skills to the table! 

I’ve also hired a business coach and surround myself with other ambitious entrepreneurs. People who are willing to push past the status quo.

Do you work by yourself or do you have a team? Do you have dreams of something different? Comment below and let me know!


Laura Beauparlant

PS. Last week I shared The Consistency Equation and I’m getting amazing feedback on it! So much so that I’m creating a 5 week Consistency Challenge that will start in just over a week.

Interested? Sign up by click here to download The Consistency Equation.

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