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Randolph College

Randolph College in Toronto was in need of a fresh, authentic and inspiring brand that better reflects what they do, who they serve and how they are different.

We were thrilled with the opportunity to work with such an amazing performing arts school.

The first step was to build the brand foundation together, which we did through our signature Brand Camp process. The foundation drives all of their new messaging as well as the new visual brand we created.

Randolph College and Randolph Kids have all the same elements, (icon, fonts, layout) the only difference is the primary colour. This shows the brands are part of the same family and yet helps to distinguish between them since they have a different audience.

Below we have featured their brand essence, position and personality.

Ignite. Transform. Shine.

We are a brave and inspired community, nurturing the artist within.

Persistent | Resilient | Confident | Joyful | Playful | Authentic | Exuberant | Creative
Intentional | Respectful | Collaborative | Passionate | Daring | Brave | Intelligent



“We were seeking to rebrand because our previous branding did not accurately reflect who we were, as our organization had undergone a cycle of significant change and our branding needed to keep pace. During our initial meeting, we felt Laura actively listened to us and understood us; not only that, she was excited by who/what we were and who/what we aspire to be.

Ultimately Lab Creative honoured the vision we put forth. Lab Creative was wonderful to work with, they eagerly guided us through the entire process, were inspiring to collaborate with, and were open to feedback. We have had an extremely positive response from our wide community, and have seen a renewal of spirit at Randolph College for the Performing Arts.”

Lauren Randolph, Strategic Advisor | Randolph College