Level Up Your Brand

Some rebrands we work on are extremely dramatic. Like Luxury Transitions or Bearing, while others are more of an evolution, like the one we did for Fun Love Photography.

We’ve been working with Heather from Fun Love Photography for quite awhile now and you might recognize her work. She has not only photographed us, but many of our clients. She is a talented, award-winning photographer, who has the amazing ability to capture people’s personalities and light in a way that sets her apart.

I was thrilled when Heather approached us to rebrand her business.

She had had a love-hate relationship with her old logo from the very beginning. It didn’t fit her target audience or her price point, which meant she wasn’t attracting the right people. She is creating the art of your life...and her brand needed to better express that.

She needed to level up her brand to match her business.

Fun Love Photography logo Before and After

We got to know more about Heather’s business in order to develop her logo. Her brand personality included the words Genuine, Approachable, Detail Oriented, Sentimental, Fun, Adventurous, Dynamic, Insightful, Spontaneous, and Creative.

We also knew that she wanted to incorporate a script for the business name, but that it needed to be more classy and refined that her old logo. The colour palette we developed is based on her love of pink. Soft pink and rose gold were the perfect fit!

After created the new logo, we dove into created her business cards and many different marketing pieces. You can see photos of everything we design here.

Fun Love Photography Before and After Website

Heather wanted her new website to be easy and cohesive – not the patchwork quilt her old site had become over time. You can see the beautiful, sophisticated and easy to navigate new website here.

We’d love to hear what you think so comment below!

AND if you are in need of a new headshot, check out the event below!
Headshot event - Fun Love Photography

Above are images of 4 of our clients who’ve had their headshot taken by Heather. Clockwise from top left: Joanne Trotta, Maureen Coates, Michael Hagely and Cheryl Byrne.



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