Does your brand communicate your story effectively?

Brand chemistry happens when all the elements of story and design come together and create something unforgettable. Our Brand Camp process ensures your visual brand – your logo, stationery, website etc – connects with who you are and speaks directly to your target audience. All of the projects in our portfolio below marry the art of design with the science of branding.

Sandberg Law

Calming the chaos
Featured Project


Clear advice for the renovating homeowner. Project in progress.

Charters Academy

Come home to your body. Project in progress.

Randolph College

Ignite. Transform. Shine.
Featured Project


Shift Your Perspective.
Featured Project

Astound Travel & Events

In Progress.


Project in progress.

The Good Partnership

fundraising evolution. empowering change.
Featured Project


Because gifting matters.
Featured Project


Become a workplace warrior.
Featured Project

Rose Spadafora

Lead with power and grace.

Dr. Lisa Watson, ND

From burnt out to fired up.
Featured Project

Lemonade Life

Be deliberate and thrive through divorce.
Featured Project

Cheryl Byrne

Supporting the work of Leaders.
See the before and after

Nature’s Touch Naturopathic Clinic

Empower your health
Featured Project

Leaders Edge Inc

The Grounded Leader
Featured Project


Curate Wealth

Family is why.
Featured Project

Luxury Transitions

Edit. Curate. Design.
Featured Project

Health Over All

Wellness Warriors
Featured Project

The Study Studio

You define the goal
Featured Project

Ocean 6

A new world of wealth
Featured Project

Awoken Beauty

erotic self-awakening
Featured Project

Fun Love Photography

The art of your life.
Featured Project


Work, from the inside out.
Featured Project

Susan Stewart

Comedian, Motivational Speaker and Author
Featured Project

Jackie Porter 

Build your economic fortress!


Find YOUR people
Featured Project

Solace Journey

Offering a journey of insight and renewal through the practice of reiki.
Visit the website

David Dunkley Fine Millinery

'Befitting Royalty' was the inspiration behind a brand of masterful quality & craftsmanship.

Vibrant Work

Believes that every organization is powered by its people and their shared values, vision and vibrancy.
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Black Spruce Financial

Refining a visual brand that portrays a business that stands above the rest.
Featured Project


get execution straight
Featured Project

Erietta Boutique

Stylish and carefully curated, just like the boutique itself.
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Annex at Chillico Run

A name and logo were created for a new, modern development in Guelph by developer Fusion Homes.

Nickel Concepts

Change your event experience.
Featured Project

Leanne Kelly

Expressing her essence as Uniquely Refined Artistic Experiences.
Featured Project


Chiropractic & Wellness
Vist Website