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Luxury Transitions

Maureen Coates, the owner of MoDecor, signed up for Brand Camp and jumped in with enthusiasm. After 10 years in business, she felt her business was in limbo. She did not have a clear direction and needed to find a way to distinguish herself and attract her ideal clients. As she put it “Brand Camp was full of Oprah AHA moments” for her and made the decision to focus on a niche market and rename her business.

Maureen now have a clear and concise brand for her business – Luxury Transitions. Take a look below at the foundation she created and above for the visual expression of the brand.

Edit • Curate • Design

Helping you edit your life, curate your teasures and design your new smaller home.

I get excited by helping clients enjoy an organized, curated and functional life filled with beauty and a touch of luxury.

authentic | cheerful | confident | conscientious | creative | detail oriented | empathetic, imaginative | observant | organized